LinkChain Exchanges 260M LinkToken for 2.6 Billion-worth of Sevenstar Bay Yacht Club Shares, and Initiates Node Recruitment

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July 23, 2019——LinkChain Tech and Sevenstar Bay Yacht Club Stock Rights Transfer Convention and LinkChain Global Partnership Initiative held in Hong Kong, China.

At the press event, Li Linwei, CEO of LinkChain Tech, and Li Jian, Executive Director of Sevenstar Bay Yacht Club, signed an equity transfer agreement and announced the world’s first and biggest deal of the digital asset transferring real asset based on a single LinkToken’s value of 10 yuan. LinkChain Tech will acquire 36% of the Sevenstar Bay Yacht Club stock rights with 260 million LinkToken. With the deal finished, both parties would collectively promote the development of blockchain technology to enable digital economy and create a new form of marine economy in the GBA.

The conference also launched the global node recruitment plan for LinkChain. LinkChain Tech plans to invest not less than 20 million LinkToken as node rewards throughout the year. LinkChain Tech hopes to join hands with global partners to build LinkChain, and create an unprecedented ecosystem of the world’s first commercial blockchain, Li Linwei puts, and jointly share 100 billion-level shared computing dividends.

The world’s largest digital asset equity transfer enables a new marine economy

In this deal, 36% stock rights of the Sevenstar Bay Yacht Club will be transferred to LinkChain Tech with 260 million LinkToken, which is part of the 293 million LinkToken destroyed by the former project operator and regenerated by LinkChain Tech when it took over the business operation right, according to industry practices. This transfer, worth 2.6 billion yuan, is also the world’s largest purchase of real asset with digital asset, which is truly a landmark in the history of LinkChain and even the entire blockchain industry.

Based on LinkToken, and the technological advantages of decentralized computing, low cost and high reliability, LinkChain will commit itself to serving over 90% of all the Internet enterprises, and finally realize the vision of replacing the traditional cloud computing services represented by Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, etc. Meanwhile, the business value of shared computing ecosystem will be continuously invested in LinkToken system to establish a sustainable ecosystem.

The Sevenstar Bay Yacht Club, only half an hour’s travel from Hong Kong, and with the annual reception capacity of over 300,000 tourists as well as the economic benefits directly and indirectly driven by the park amounting to 500 million yuan, will join the LinkChain ecosystem, serving the GBA region, and provide business application scenarios for LinkToken.

The two sides will give full play to the advantages of the LinkChain and LinkToken in terms of technical performance, privacy protection, trust transmission on and off the chain, to solve the bottlenecks in the credit system, traceability system, asset circulation mode and other aspects in the development of the maritime industry, and expand the new role of the token in the cross-border yacht trade and tourism real estate in the GBA, so as to create a new ecology of the marine economy in the GBA and seize the golden opportunities for the development of the 10 billion-scale marine economy industry.

Global Node Recruitment to Share Billions of Dividends in Cloud Computing Market

Another important issue at the press conference was to initiate the global node recruitment for LinkChain. Li Linwei said that LinkChain attaches great importance to autonomous co-construction, and selects Elective Byzantine Fault Tolerance (EBFT) algorithm for consensus and block production through periodic election of validator nodes in the node pool, so as to improve the speed of consensus, protect from node corruption, allow higher quality super nodes make higher profits, and fully meet the commercial needs of LinkChain.

For the partners who have been successfully selected in the node pool, LinkChain Tech will share with them the generous rewards. All the handling fees corresponding to the block generation will be given to the selected nodes. LinkChain also guarantees that when the total Gas for the whole year is less than 20 million LinkToken, the project operator will make up the gap, which means that each node is expected to obtain a minimum of 800,000 LinkToken of handling fees per year on average, with an annual rate of return better than 16%. In addition, the selected nodes will also be able to make major policy proposals and vote on such proposals for LinkChain, thus taking significant role in LinkChain community. Node recruitment will be carried out in stages. The earlier to enter the node pool, the lower the threshold and the more the benefits.

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