How Did Vitavp Do it? VAPE Industry Shocked, 1/100,000 Leakage Rate.

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Hongkong, Sep 27, 2019 – – Since 2019, VAPE has become one of the most concerned industries in China. In the first half of this year, 14 VAPE financing projects have been completed, including IDG, Sequoia China, ZhenFund, The Arena Capital, Sourcecode Capital, Plum Ventures and other well-known investment institutions, with a total amount of RMB 574 million.

The emergence of VAPE also meets the health and safety needs of smokers in the upgrading phase of consumption. Although the penetration rate of e-cigarettes in China is less than 1% at present, its compound growth rate is more than 60%. As a country with a huge population of 350 million smokers, China’s e-cigarettes industry is expanding to a blue ocean of RMB50-100 billion market.

Leakage is one of the biggest technology problems in entire Vape industry. Almost all the e-cigarettes in the world will leaking, especially pod system that has been booming in recent years. The average leakage rate in the industry is as high as 3%. In the recent report on Consumer Product Dissatisfaction of E-cigarette E-commerce Platform by a well-known public media, leakage is the mostly-mentioned factor in the dissatisfaction evaluation, and the average value of unsatisfactory factors mentioned is 24.25%.

Although the leakage has a great impact on the users’ experience and the e-cigarette enterprises are eager to solve the problem of leakage, most of them have not yet completely solved the problem. They can only reduce the influence of consumer confidence decline on brand by providing “leakage must be compensated” service.

On July 28, at the Vitavp’s new product conference, its founder and CEO Dony Liu released the new version — Vitavp 2.0 pod, claiming that the leakage rate would be reduced to 1/100,000, and that under the influence of air pressure brought by plane, it would ensure that no liquid leakage would occur, which break the world-class technology problem of leakage at one stroke.

How did the 1/100,000 leakage rate success? In order to solve the problem of e-cigarette leakage, Vitavp has set up a senior technical research and development team with more than 10 years experience in e-cigarette industry. It takes 12 months and has experienced nearly 1,000 designs, models, experiments and adjustments. Finally Vitavp 2.0 device has completed the R&D stage.

Vitavp 2.0 pod was designed to the multiple anti-leakage structure, and with the upgraded atomization core technology, it can prevent leakage from the beginning.

Compared with the general brand, Vitavp 2.0 pod adopts integrated forming silica gel, which integrates the parts related to pod. This design not only greatly improves the product sealing, but also simplifies the internal structure, making the product structure more compact. It also provides a degree of protection with respect to harmful effects on the devices to the ingress of water and dust so as to achieve the goal of waterproof and dustproof. At present, Vitavp 2.0 pod can be fully drained after immersion and can be used normally. With IP56 atomizer, it breaks through the usage restrictions and is suitable for swimming, bathing and other scenarios.

At the same time, Vitavp 2.0 pod no longer uses the original ceramic atomizing core technology. The new version of atomizing core uses the top Pima organic cotton originating in Arizona, USA. Its lint length is 40 mm—about 35% longer than ordinary cotton, and its strength and toughness is about 40% higher than ordinary cotton fiber. This characteristic makes Pima organic cotton the strongest oil-locking and oil-storing lint material in the world. The top-grade Pima organic cotton atomizing core gives the Vitavp pod the ability to prevent leakage from the beginning.

Moreover, Vitavp 2.0 pod also uses hidden air intake with inverted T-shaped design, which can effectively prevent leakage while making cigarette tar fully atomized and making taste warm and full. In addition, Vitavp 2.0 pod with 20 mm inverted-cone-shaped short air passage at the suction position can effectively reduce the condensate output and solve another major problem that consumers inhale condensate in the process of using e-cigarettes.

According to the feedback from consumers, there is no leakage, and the new e-juice flavors are also popular. In the same time Vitavp 2.0 pod gradually expands its market influence, it will be tested by more users. It can be predicted that 1/100,000 leakage rate will be a subversion of the e-cigarette industry, and become a new professional standard.



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