Why the Chinese brand become so popular in Europe?

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Hong Kong, Dec 4th, 2019 – Why the vitavp becomes so popular in Europe? According to the survey, nearly 70% of Chinese smokers in Europe choose to buy Chinese e-cigarette brands. 93 out of 100 smokers who live in Europe have full praise for the vitavp products, and the favorable rating rate is 93%. But in many e-cigarette brands, vitavp becomes the sales top, and there is still an increasing trend year by year.


So what are the reasons caused behind this series of data? It starts with the product itself.

vitavp, e-cigarettes heading brand in China, has earned 40 patents of products from the shape, structure, appearance and function optimization methods, and solved including waterproof, high rate of oilleak, poor atomization function, condensation leakage, taste reduction degree, poor battery life, slow speed of charging the seven industry-wide problem effectively, vitavp is worthy of the name in e-cigarette industry.

In the five years since the launch of the brand, it has made an inestimable contribution to the development prospects of the industry and the whole e-cigarette market.

For example, the problem of condensate during puffing is improved, which greatly improves the safety performance of the product and customers’ using experience. As well as the use of cotton atomization core, good to control and reduce the proportion of oil leakage, the achievement of the “oil leakage rate of one in 100,000” becomes a new industry standard.


It is worth mentioning that we know there are many e-cigarette products in the market can not make a good waterproof performance, stick may scrap after swimming, but vitavp has also made positive adjustments and improvements. When we make the design of the product, we adopts the aluminum alloy forging and forming technology, which also greatly increases its dustproof and waterproof function (the whole machine’s waterproof and dustproof level reaches IP56), to some extent, it opens a new era of atomized e-cigarette in China.

In addition, in order to help users control their nicotine intake effectively and make the product serve people instead of just selling it, it also has an induction motor installed inside, which vibrates every 15 puffs to remind users not to overuse. The 650mAh battery capacity gives it a longer life span, and it is equipped with type-c charging port, which greatly improves the charging rate of e-cigarettes.

The above part is hope to provide you with an objective and fair product choice space. The following is to give you the introduction of the product series, convenient for you to choose according to your own needs. Its products are currently sold in three series, a disposable vape series, a pod system kit series, and a Hey Bang series.

Disposable vape series is a cost-effective disposable e-cigarette, a total of 14 flavors available, cost effective. Although they are disposable e-cigarettes, each can smoke about 500 puffs, 50 times the capacity of regular cigarettes, but the price is only the same as a pack of ordinary cigarettes.


Pod system kit series is a pre-filled pod systems e-cigarette, which means you only need to replace the cartridge. There are 20 different flavors of the cartridge, and the pod system kit series comes with three extra pods. In addition, in this seriesthere are 3 celebrity co-brand models besides the 6 basic models, people like e-sports team IG and Chinese rap godfather Mc Hotdog and comedian Kong lianshun can also consider co-brand models, they will bring you the rich connotation and the special meanings.


The Hey Bang series is a handy e-cigarette, its characteristic is adding the breath light and stylus, you can play it anytime and anywhere.


vitavp, no matter from the taste, appearance and our own quality are in pursuit of the ultimate, never slacken, has been adhering to their brand concept “NOW?PLAY!”.

Because of love and professional, than all the original intention, have more meaning to adhere to and the value of struggle. But the brand potential of vitavp, let us know the rapid rise and popularity of Asian brands. Good products are not only limited to the Chinese market and the European market, should be the world.

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