From Great Friendships Come the New Standard in Sunglasses: Meet wubo

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Saint Paul, MN Some may say they have been hatching their business plan since preschool in their hometown of Woodbury, MN. After all, that is when twin brothers, John and Steve Salazar, met their instant best friend, Eric White. Now, fast-forward 25 years and these three amigos have launched a venture together that may just make their future so bright, they’ll have to wear shades – wubo shades, to be specific.

wubo is the fledgling sunglasses brand launched this past December by the young entrepreneurs. The sunglasses were a full year in the making – from sourcing materials like premium acetate for the frames, thin hardened glass and an anti-reflective coating for the lenses to identifying the perfect manufacturing partner. (Check them out at

The company’s products are designed, tested and built to the highest quality standards, according to the founders. Standards that the Salazar twins learned firsthand in their family’s optometry business at the Mall of America and at its e-commerce offshoot that they ran for many years, featuring top sunglasses brands. Eric, on the other hand, brings years of retail expertise with two major retail brands to the table to round out the foundational team.

“In the sunglasses business, there are a number of brands that are so well known and have built such a loyal following that unfortunately they sometimes cut some corners to boost profits. Simply because they can. And not because it is in the best interests of their customers,” said John. “We will never do that. We are, quite simply, on a mission to build the best and most timeless sunglasses in the world. Period. And we’re doing that at a fair price.”

wubo frames are made of durable, eco-friendly acetate that is naturally hypoallergenic and easily molds to the wearer’s head. Heavy-duty stainless-steel hinges are a standard feature and all frames are detailed and finished by hand, one at a time.

wubo’s wLX lenses are manufactured from thin hardened glass for superb clarity and durability and coated with an anti-reflective layer which reduces glare. For those who prefer lighter weight sunglasses, polarized polycarbonate lenses are available in select colors.

And while craftsmanship is the top priority, form has not suffered as a result. The sunglasses – with their fashionable packaging – come in 13 colors that include the classics, like black and tortoise shell, along with trendy and sophisticated options like champagne, frosted pink and crystal clear.

wubo sunglasses cost $100 and include a hard, protective case that folds flat for storage purposes as well as a replacement guarantee in case the product is lost or broken within a year of purchase. All wubo glasses meet European Conformity (CE) standards and offer at least UV380 protection against potentially harmful ultraviolet rays.

“The only thing better than creating a product that you are passionate about and that you know can stand toe-to-toe with any of the other more expensive high-end brands is building a business and getting to work alongside your two best friends,” added Eric.

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