The APIS (API) LBP Announces Its Launch

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San Francisco, CA – The APIS is a community-owned indexing protocol for reading and writing to public blockchain networks. The protocol’s initial product is a fast and powerful one-stop data analysis for Ethereum and its quickly growing layer-two scaling solutions known as rollups. The APIS has reinvented the way non-fungible token (NFT) data analysis works, with both generalized and customized features that allow users to oversee the entire Ethereum-based NFT market.

While funded through decentralized private sales thus far (with participation from 26 countries), The APIS plans to attract public participation from its community through the launch of Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) that will start from the 24th of February and end on the 1st of March.

What Is The APIS

The APIS’s first product is a one-stop blockchains data analysis platform, allowing users to customize their non-fungible token experience via the aggregation of analytical tools. Users will obtain access to extensive data analytics for digital assets across all public blockchain networks, both layer-one and layer-two scaling solutions. Users can deep dive into their own data or that of others, presented through customized graphics and interfaces. The APIS will expand on their initial product launch through the utilization of their indexing protocol, allowing for additional analytical tools for public blockchain users, such as those pertaining to decentralized finance (DeFi).

The APIS Derivative Token ($API)

Platform users will be able to earn and utilize the $API token to oversee and continue the growth of the network. The $API token is the native token of The APIS protocol, deriving its utility from staking by API Nodes and Gateways (the two parties that enable the decentralized function of The APIS protocol), dispute resolution among any API DAO members, staking by API rollup validators, and the governing of all assets and cash flows obtained by The APIS protocol.

How Can Users Participate in $API LBP

In order to take part in the public launch, users are required to follow three steps. First, click the token page on The APIS website once LBP begins (which has started today). Then, click on the button “Join Balancer LBP,” reading and clicking on the disclaimer to accept it. This will take users to $API LPB. Lastly, one needs to connect a compatible Web3 wallet such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet and WalletConnect. The important thing to note is that users must already possess a Balancer-supported asset, such as ETH or USDT, in order to participate after finishing the above steps.

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