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In Vietnam, the act of shopping for second hand clothes has become popular since about 2000. It was not until more than 10 years later, in 2016, that the behavior of shopping for secondhand clothes officially became an explosive trend. Second-hand goods are becoming more popular and many people are more open-minded about buying used goods.

With a population of more than 97 million people and a high percentage of young people, Vietnam has become a suitable market for secondhand clothing consumption. Customers belong to the MIllennial generation, GEN Z is the primary customer group of this market.

If in the past, secondhand goods were often piled up, selling for a few dozen to several hundred thousand, then the secondhand business model is more and more diversified, with many small merchants focusing on branding, with development plans. professional and methodical linear development. The quality of products is carefully selected, the prices are diverse, in accordance with the needs and preferences of many customers of different ages and industries.

In the past, customers who bought secondhand goods were often “blue-collar” workers who were low-income people, but today the customer base has been expanded. Clothing is not only a cheap item, but it also helps to shape the style, create a new unique look for the wearer, and even enhance the fashion. It is not difficult to see young people with very stylish and creative clothes made up of only second hand products.

A big premise to stimulate demand for the development of the secondhand market to grow stronger in the current context is because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that broke out in the past 2 years, making shopping habits change. forward. More and more people are looking to buy quần áo second hand Piktina goods to save money, as well as being well aware of the negative impacts that human society has to bear with the continuing status of climate change – of which the fashion industry is one of the major pollutants.

In Vietnam, many technology startups focus on building trading platforms for secondhand clothing products according to the criteria of providing convenient shopping solutions, smooth experiences, and solutions for the needs of customers – who are often encountered by second-hand fashion sellers. Piktina is the biggest name in the market of second-hand fashion recommerce today.

Fashion App Thời Trang Piktina is a fashion-focus marketplace that aims to promote fashion recommerce towards sustainability. Piktina hopes people will relove and reuse the old clothing, to reduce the negative impact of consumerism, and to endorse the habit of wearing second-hand clothing.

This secondhand fashion business platform combined with integrated functions as a social media channel, with a modern, youthful, easy-to-navigate interface. This application facilitates anyone who is in need of reselling old clothes to be able to easily post their products for sale and reach out to a diverse customer base of needs and young age groups.

Piktina’s business model is not just for profit. Although it is a new technology startup that has just launched recently, Piktina’s biggest efforts are building a community that is equipped with knowledge and clearly recognizes the negative effects of excessive consumerism. Consumerism, and also the dangerous environmental effects of fast fashion, from which the habit of consuming second-hand fashion products is formed.

As a technology platform, Piktina provides the most convenient second hand trade solution for both buyers and sellers. Anyone can become a seller on Piktina, as long as they have a need to clean out their closet and profit economically from reselling old clothes. The interface and operation method of listing on Piktina is quite similar to many other major e-commerce exchanges in Vietnam today.

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