600puffs disposable vape: ElfBar,GeekBar,OukitelVape,CrystalBar which is better?

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According to Future Market Insights (FMI) report, the global disposable vape market size is expected to be valued at US$ 6.34 Billion in 2022. With the growing demand for non-tobacco products owing to rising health concerns, the overall disposable vape. The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.2% between 2022 and 2032, totaling around US$ 18.32 Billion by 2032. Disposable vapes are assumed to be a safe alternative to rechargeable e-cigarettes, which is expected to fuel the market growth during the forecast period.

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With the popularity of e-cigarettes, many e-cigarette brands have launched entry-level disposable vapes to meet market demand. Especially in Europe, due to policy restrictions, 2ml(600puffs) liquid filling has become mainstream in most European countries. At the same time, disposable vapes have become popular in Europe because of compact, portable, have various flavors, and are easy to vape. They can satisfy consumers’ awareness and purchasing power.

How to choose a suitable brand, for this purpose, we have selected four disposable vape brands: ElfBar, GeekBar, OukitelVape, and CrystalBar that are currently popular in Europe, and compared them from multiple features, let us have a better understanding of disposable vape.

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Appearance: All four products are small and compact in design, easy to carry in your pocket. Elfbar is fashionable and beautiful, with fresh and bright colors, a cylindrical body, and an excellent hand-holding feeling. Geekbar design by smooth lines, slim shape, and lighter grip; OukitelVape’s one-piece cylindrical appearance echoes glossy and matte surfaces, and the integrated ergonomic cigarette holder has a strong sense of overall design. Crystal bar adopts a transparent crystal design, which is crystal clear and lustrous.

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Taste: The four disposable vape have filled with 2ml e-liquid and 2% nicotine, all of which can support 600 puffs. Various juice flavors are available, with suitable ice degree and sugariness. Taste, the soft and smooth stream provides excellent flavor and taste feedback to vapers.

Smoke: All of them with draw activated, no need to turn on any switch; enjoy it anytime, anywhere, and all have excellent airflow systems. The difference is that the elfbar and geekbar use a dual coil, while the oukitelvape and crystal bar use a mesh coil, which has a larger amount of smoke and a smooth and soft taste.

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Battery: 400mAh-550mAh battery, no need to charge or replace the battery. The battery’s power is specially designed for 600puffs, ensuring battery life while continuously providing a strong taste to meet the enjoyment experience.

Material: elfbar is made of plastic and cylindrical metal, which is durable. The geekbar two-color injection molding shell is designed with a stylish crystal shell; Oukitelvape uses PLA (polylactic acid) material, which is entirely biodegradable. It is environmentally friendly, antibacterial, mildew, and anti-mite, and it is a healthy and safe crystalbar crystal plastic shell, smooth and translucent.

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Other features: drawing activated light on the base, it will blink once the battery power is exhausted, it will light up with the airflow with each puff, providing a pleasant vaping experience through smooth puffs, more innovative and with a sense of technology, so that it’s very personalized when vaping.

Because of so many excellent features, disposable vapes are favored by consumers and merchants. Its mass production capacity and low price attract the attention of most merchants and consumers. For consumers, it’s flavourful, cheap, fashionable, and exquisite, and getting started is very simple. For merchants, disposable vapes have a simple structure, hot sale, low cost, and can occupy a place in the electronic cigarette market.

There are too many disposable vapes on the market, not only well-known brands such as ElfBar and GeekBar but also the brands focus on OEM/ODM or emerging brands such as OukitelVape and CrystalBar. However, at present, disposable vapes are gradually becoming homogenized products, and it is difficult to break through the limitations in appearance, taste, smoke volume, materials, and functions.

In the future, while optimizing and upgrading products and constantly adapting to market demand, brands should also take social responsibility into account and produce more products that are in harmony with the environment. For example, OukitelVape is the world’s first to use PLA biodegradable materials, which will be the mainstream trend in the future. With disposable vaping in our life, the electronic cigarette market will become more and more standardized, and the quality still needs to be strictly controlled to avoid low quality and waste.


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