Mobile Lead Shields for Protection During Fluoroscopy

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12/22/2023- Middlesex, NJ: Fluoroscopy, a medical imaging technique that uses X-rays to obtain real-time moving images within a patient’s body, has revolutionized the field of diagnostic medicine. However, the associated exposure to ionizing radiation necessitates rigorous safety measures. Mobile lead shields have become indispensable, playing a pivotal role in mitigating radiation exposure risks during fluoroscopy procedures.

Recognizing the Importance of Mobile Lead Shields

Fluoroscopy procedures expose individuals to continuous X-ray generation, leading to prolonged ionizing radiation exposure and potential health risks. To mitigate these risks, adopting robust protective measures is crucial. Phillips Safety offers mobile lead shields, providing the best protection from radiation during these procedures. These shields play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of healthcare professionals and patients, offering a reliable defense against the potential hazards associated with prolonged X-ray exposure.

Discover top-quality lead shields in Phillips Safety’s collection, designed for effective radiation protection. Our shields are both portable and durable, offering a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit various needs. Our mobile radiation barriers are ideal for those working in hospitals or pain management. These barriers feature solid, leaded x-ray protection, equivalent to 2.0-millimeter lead, ensuring comprehensive safety during medical procedures involving radiation. 

Deluxe Mobile Lead Shield with T-Base

The Deluxe Mobile Lead Shield with T-Base is a reliable way to protect both kids and adults from radiation. It’s strong Nylon fabric and comes with 0.5mm PbEq or 1.0mm PbEq protection. It has an adjustable arm (8” to 60”) with a spring-loaded pin for easy height changes. The all-steel T-Base provides stability, preventing tipping, and makes it easy to move around equipment and wall stands. The Deluxe Mobile Lead Shield is 24″ wide and 30” high.


Mobile Leaded Barrier with 30” x 48” Window

The Mobile Leaded Barrier featuring a 30″ x 48″ Window is a flexible radiation safeguard for comprehensive protection against secondary radiation. Constructed with 2.0mm lead equivalent opaque panels boasting solid, contoured sides, this barrier ensures robust X-ray protection. The generous 30” W x 48” H lead equivalency window, serving as a viewing panel, offers a choice between high-quality Schott leaded glass (2.0mm) or leaded acrylic (0.5mm). Compact and easily transportable with dimensions of 33.5” W x 75” H and equipped with four-caster locking base steel legs, this Phillips Safety leaded barrier prioritizes mobility.

Mobile Lead Porta Shield

The Mobile Lead Porta-Shield serves as a convenient and efficient solution for promptly providing radiation protection to personnel or patients. Positioned on a robust base with five casters, boasting a 24-inch diameter for stable and smooth transport within the room, it combines ease of use with functionality. The shield is easily assembled in three parts and features an adjustable telescoping hole, allowing users to customize the shield’s height. With three available sizes, ranging from 24 inches to 48 inches in height, it caters to diverse needs. Compliant with industry standards for medical x-ray protection, offering 0.50 mm Pb equivalency, the Phillips Safety Mobile Lead Porta-Shield stands as a straightforward and effective addition to any space requiring rigorous radiation protection measures.

Benefits of Mobile Lead Shields

X-ray Safety:

  • Mobile lead shields act as a robust barrier against X-ray radiation, significantly reducing the risk of exposure for both medical professionals and patients.
  • By placing lead shields strategically, medical facilities can create a safer environment for fluoroscopy procedures.

Radiation Safety Compliance:

Compliance with radiation safety standards is a top priority in medical settings. Mobile lead shields from Phillips Safety are designed to meet and exceed these standards, ensuring that healthcare facilities adhere to regulations and guidelines.

Flexibility and Maneuverability:

  • The mobility of these shields allows for flexibility in their usage. Healthcare providers can easily position and adjust the shields to maximize protection in different scenarios.
  • The ease of movement ensures that lead shields can be deployed where they are most needed, adapting to the dynamic nature of medical procedures.

Close Limit Radiation Protection:

  • Mobile lead shields provide close-limit radiation protection, a critical feature during fluoroscopy procedures where the proximity to the radiation source is higher.
  • This feature enhances safety measures, especially when medical professionals need to be near the patient during imaging.

As technology advances, the importance of adopting effective protective measures cannot be overstated. The diverse range of shields offered by Phillips Safety, including mobile lead table shields, C-arm drapes, radiational barriers, and X-ray screens, underscores the commitment to providing comprehensive radiation protection.

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